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Founders Hall   1282 Morgan Bay Road Blue Hill 04614

The Village at a Glance
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The village of East Blue Hill was first inhabited by a trapper named James McHard in the 1790s. He built a cabin on the cove that bears his name and subsisted on hunting and fishing. There is no record of when he died and no deed that showed that he owned property here. We do know that that part of town was simply called McHard’s by the early settlers of Blue Hill and it remained McHard’s until 1871 when a semi-weekly mail was established and the village officially became known as East Blue Hill. 

Community Spirit

East Blue Hill abounds in community spirit. 

We are about 150 families within the bounds of Friends Corner and the Surry town line. East Blue Hill, although on Route 176, is off the beaten track and most of the traffic is local. East Blue Hill is a cohesive community of artists, musicians, farmers, doctors, lawyers, lobstermen, diplomats, builders, etc. East Blue Hill has its own post office with a unique zip code, a library, a community hall, a playground, a boat ramp, and other property owned communally by the East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association. 

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